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Role: Lead UX Researcher

Research Method: Heuristics + Card Sort + Tree Test + 3 Usability Tests + A/B Test

Research Type: Evaluative + Iterative UXR

Company: Dweebs Pink

Skills Exhibited: Leadership Skills + Business Acumen

Establishment and Optimization of HEART

Metrics Framework in Rapid Research

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AI Concierge + Telehealth B2B Partnership:

Competitive Analysis + Concept Testing +

Iterative Usability Testing                                                    

Role: UX Researcher

Research Method: Competitive Analysis + Focus Groups + Semi-structured Interviews

                                    MaxDiff Survey Methodology + 2 Usability Tests + User Interviews 

Research Type: Generative + Evaluative UXR

Company: AI Concierge, PDVRC Subsidiary

Skills Exhibited: Impact + Influence + Business Acumen

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Measurement of Spotify User's Attitudes                                                   

Role: UX Researcher

Research Method: Industry established survey methodology + Usability Test

Research Type:  Generative + Evaluative UXR

Skills Exhibited: Research rigor + Accessibility Consideration

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Role: UX Researcher

Research Method: Ethnographic study + MaxDiff Survey

Research Type: Generative UXR

Skills Exhibited: Research Rigor + Communication Skills

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Quantify Customer's Buying Decisions for Application

Integrated Keurig Machine                                                

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