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Measure of Spotify User's Attitudes 

Spotify Project

This is a generative and ​evaluative strategic research self project. The high level objective of the study is to understand whether feature X is a worthwhile business venture. Historically, U.S. users responded well to the initial launch of feature X before the business venture was scrapped. However, recently in 2020, Spotify re-launched and tested this feature on different target audiences and marketplaces, so feature X might make a comeback. The goal of this research is to understand if user satisfaction points toward reviving this feature. 

Background and Goals

Feature X was scrapped and Spotify implemented a similar feature Y in place of it. Feature Y is not the same as the original feature X, but it was meant to function as if it were.


As a result, frustrated users started flocking to Spotify's competitor who offered feature X. So, market research illustrates that removing feature X might have been a mistake. 

So as Spotify is re-testing feature X among users, two questions are important to ask:

  • Do we need to get rid of feature X all together or modify and improve it?

  • If we reinstate feature X, what current pain points will it solve?


Generative Research Goals

  • Understand the current satisfaction around feature Y.

  • Understand the current pain points encountered with feature Y.

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 11.26.10 PM.png

Figure 1: Empathy Map of Sub-User Persona from Usability Testing


  • Industry established survey methodology to scope satisfaction*.

  • Remote, moderated usability test.

*For more information about specific survey methodology, please contact

Crucial Insights

Survey Insights:​

  • Tasks performed in feature Y is the second most favorite task.

  • However, negative opinion of tasks performed in feature Y negatively impacts opinion of feature Y.

  • Negative opinion of feature Y negatively impacts overall opinion of the Spotify app.

  • Therefore, improve usability in those tasks, then you improve satisfaction of feature Y and Spotify as a whole.

Usability Insights:

  • Usability test illuminated more frustration with feature Y.

  • Usability test illuminated accessibility issues with feature Y.

Research Impact

Product Impact

  • Revealed the place high importance user's place on tasks performed in feature Y. So the task is necessary, it's just that user's would like improved usability that the original feature X provided.

  • Feature Y contributes to accessibility issue.

  • Original feature X solves accessibility problem.

Final Recommendation:

  • Therefore, it is recommended to reinstate original feature X because it simplifies the experience for target users and it solves accessibility issues for disadvantaged users. 

My Learnings

  • Advocating research for individuals with accessibility accommodations is so rewarding.

  • Sometimes you start research looking to investigate one problem and then you becomes aware of other related and just as important problems such as accessibility problems -- it's an eye opener.

  • Features such as feature X can kill two bird with one stone when solving multiple problems.

  • Scrappy usability test research allows for interaction with a diverse group of individuals I worked with. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 11.32.02 PM.png

Figure 2: Empathy Map of Sub-User Persona from Usability Testing

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 11.13.28 PM.png

Figure 3: Quantitative Analysis of Survey Findings

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